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Porthcurno Telegraph Museum - "The Victorian Internet"
Porthcurno Telegrah Museum is 5 minutes drive from Trendrennen and lies in the parish of St Levan.
It was the Victorian equivalent to the internet, vast cables stretching out under Pothcurno Beach to all parts of the empire, the first cable being laid in 1870 connecting Pothcurno and the UK with Bombay.

By 1900 the sytem incorportaed over 100,000 miles of undersea cable bringing all aprts of the British Empire in caontact with each other.
The museums opening times can be found here. It is a fascinating day out.

Outdoor activities:

We are open all year round
And remember, we are open all the year round. Cornwall is just as beautiful in the Winter as it is in the Spring.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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