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Roskestal in the winter
We farm 1000 acres in the beautiful rolling countryside of South West coast cornwall between the hamlet of St Buryan and Porthcurno, the home of the "Victorian Internet".
We rear cattle, grow potatoes and cauliflowers for some of the biggest supermarkets in England and provide milk from our dairy herd for Rodda´s cream.

So whenever you try some delicious Clotted Cornish Cream, you never know, maybe it came from our herd !

We are the latest generation of farmers to live and work here and although the days are long and hard, the views around our farm are breathtaking. It doesn´t seem to matter where you are on Trendrennen, you can see the sea.

And because we live on a working farm we are perfectly placed to tell you exactly what is happening in the area. There is always something going on. Don´t be afriad to ask for some friendly, local advice.
It´s free !.

Outdoor activities:

We are open all year round
And remember, we are open all the year round. Cornwall is just as beautiful in the Winter as it is in the Spring.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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